Review of the Best Leather Sofas (That You Can Get Off Amazon!)

Furnishing a home with quality furniture is a pastime that always feels rewarding; you start out with a barebones room and transform it into something classy and homey. There’s no better way to increase the aesthetic value of a room than furnishing it with leather. Leather couches, ottomans, and chaise lounges all add a natural and polished look to whichever they are placed in.

Leather sofas are a beautiful way to bring quality comfort into a room, but what should you look for in a leather sofa? Well first, you’ll want to look into how it is dyed. There are three unique ways that manufacturers add color to leather: pigmented, aniline, and aniline protected.

Pigmented is the cheapest option; it merely requires that a layer of color is added to the leather that is protected by a stain-resistant top coat. This type lasts, but you’ll lose the supple nature of the leather itself.

Aniline dyed is a great option, and a special dye is used to fully color the leather of the sofa so that it looks even and well balanced. This is the most comfortable feeling leather dying method. Unfortunately, usage and direct sunlight can cause this color to fade. A variation of this process is aniline protected, which places a layer of protectant on the leather so that these environmental factors will have less effect.

Outside of these leather considerations, a good leather couch should also be made of excellent materials. Good wood, tempered steel coils, and quality cushioning are all great options for a long-lasting couch. Now that you have a general idea on what to look for, what are some great choices for a leather couch? We’ve compiled a review of some of the best on the market. Our experts have hand-picked 6 of the top choices that you can even order directly off of our favorite trusted retailer, Amazon, so you’ll get the same quick shipping, customer service and refund policy that applies to all your other amazon purchases.

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1. Coaster Home Furnishings Brown Leather Victoria Sofa [Editor’s Choice]


If you are looking to furnish a nice sitting room or add an air of class to your living room, nothing beats a Victorian style couch. These types of couches have exquisite workmanship and are great sofas to sit and talk with loved ones. We found that this couch’s old-world charm is perfect for lending a sense of class and comfortability to any décor.

This sofa uses a rolled-arm shaping and has a button-tufted back that evokes an antique aesthetic. The armrests uses a nail head stitching to not only secure the various sections of the rests, but to also add a sense of style. One of our favorite features of this leather sofa is the cabriole legs that jut out from the base of the couch.


In addition to the leather accents and supports, this sofa also uses hardwood bracing materials. It even has a wooden top that allows for superb support along the back of the couch. The only major consideration about this piece of furniture is its dimensions; it’s very large, so it may not fit through certain doors or in some elevators.

When it comes to dimensions, this couch is 86 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 43 inches in height. Its overall weight is 160 lbs, which makes this sofa a very large option for many homes.

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2. Ashley 3190138 Larkinhurst Earth


Our second sofa is one that has a lot of hominess, but also provides a stylish aesthetic that is perfect for any living room. Designed to display deep, warm earth tones, this couch has a somewhat chocolate coloration that goes with many types of decors.

Amazingly, this couch is actually comprised of polyurethane and polyester. The leather feel is faux, but the way that Ashley designed this couch makes the material feel 100 percent natural. The mix is very cleanable, hard to stain, and has a distressed look that takes decades to cultivate.

This sofa has three cushions and it’s very comfortable. It has a very plush feeling, and we found that if you like to “sink” into your couch, this is a great option. The stitching of this sofa is exquisite and tough, and it won’t damage and tear over the years.

The cushions are made of Dacron-wrapped foam that is very comfortable. Each cushion has internal coils that are strong and supportive so that you’ll be comfortable sitting on this couch for long periods of time.

When it comes to dimensions, this couch is 89 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 38 inches in height. Its overall weight is 148 lbs, which makes this sofa relatively weighty.

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3. Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Motion Sofa, Dark Brown


As the first triple recliner featured in this guide, we found that this is truly an excellent option for those who want to have leather flair in their living space, but also want to have a reclining companion for game day. This couch’s reclining feature isn’t present at the expense of comfort or quality materials; it is made of real leather, and its frame is comprised of tough and durable hardwood.

The cushioning on this reclining leather sofa is soft and supportive simultaneously. The leather itself is relatively porous, so it won’t be sticky to sit in on warmer days. To recline, simply pull up on the button that’s positioned along the sides of the soft armrests. Once you’ve pushed on the back of the couch with your body, you’ll be in the perfect position to watch some TV.

Support was definitely a majorly considered factor with this sofa; as a matter of fact, it even features kidney support so that you can rest comfortably. In addition to this, there is coil webbing in the back so that you can comfortably recline with noticeable firmness.

When it comes to dimensions, this couch is 88 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 38 inches in height. Its overall weight is a hefty 283 lbs, which makes this sofa a team carry option.

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4. Global Furniture Rogers Collection Bonded Leather Matching Sofa, Red with Chrome Legs


A few of the sofas that will be featured in this guide are designed with a classic styling. This sofa isn’t one of those types. The aesthetic of this very unique leather couch is very modern, maybe even futuristic. It has a red coloration that won’t fade or streak, and it rests on two very strong sets of chrome metal legs.

The frame of this leather sofa is crafted of kiln dried hardwood so that it will easily last for decades of thorough use. The legs of this sofa also evenly support the whole piece of furniture so that there’s better weight distribution than a classical couch.


Comfort-wise, this couch has a very firm feeling. The leather itself is relatively soft and supple, but the cushioning in this piece of furniture gives great support. This makes for a great couch to sit down and binge-watch Netflix or even just a location to enjoy playing a game. We found that the most comfortable spots on this couch are on either end. This is because the armrests provide a good amount of support and are easy to lean on comfortably.

When it comes to dimensions, this couch is 80 inches in width, 36 inches in depth, and 37 inches in height. Its overall weight is 105 lbs, which isn’t as heavy as many leather couches can be.

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5. Natuzzi B865-155 Editions Amalfi Reclining Collection Power Reclining Sofa


Our fifth entry is a great sofa for those looking for a more simplistic design in their home décor. This couch is imported from Italy and has a deep chocolate coloration that will bring life to a room. It is actually comprised of 100 percent Italian leather and uses an aniline protection system to keep the supple texture while also being protected from external factors.

From a design perspective, this sofa has some notes that do stand out. These include the cushions, which have a seam in the middle that allows for a more pronounced headrest. Like our previous sofa, this is a recliner, but whereas that piece of furniture was a triple recliner, this one only features two sections that recline. Another noteworthy design feature of this sofa is its feet; these hardwood-crafted feet raise the couch noticeably and look excellent on a hardwood floor.


When it comes to dimensions, this couch is 92 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 40 inches in height. This sofa also weighs 229 pounds. This is the longest leather sofa that we’ve featured here and it has a lot of room for sitting.

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6. Abbyson Living Barclay Hand Rubbed Leather Sofa


Our final piece of furniture, like our third, is designed to utilize a classic styling that lends an air of antiquity to your home. This sofa looks very much like a mid-century style piece of furniture and is covered in hand-rubbed leather that shines luxuriously in most lighting situations.

The leather is lined with stylish upholstery tacks around the bottom of the sofa as well as on its outer edges. This effect is well-utilized and once again reinforces the classical vibe of this piece of furniture. Abbyson Living used very high-grade Italian leather for this couch and its quality is very obvious. It’s durable and has a slightly distressed veneer in its design.

Rather than three cushions, which is what many modern sofas have, this couch has two large cushions on the back and on the seat. These cushions are filled with the incredibly resilient, 2.2-density foam cushioning.

The framing, like in our first featured product, is comprised of kiln-dried hardwood that is sturdy and will last for years of use. It also features hardwood feet that closely match the sofa’s espresso brown coloration.

When it comes to dimensions, this couch is 90 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 35 inches in height. At 160 pounds, this is a somewhat heavy furniture option.

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Overall, the best product in our review is the Coaster Home Furnishings Brown Leather Victoria Sofa. This wonderful piece of furniture has a classic style that would be at home in the last two centuries, and is also designed to fit neatly into any modern décor. Your visitors will think that this sofa is an heirloom and will be surprised at how comfortable it is in use. In addition to this, this couch is also perfect for a supportive sitting session. Its leather is tough and its cushioning is nice and firm.

The chief drawback of this sofa is that it’s a bit expensive, but if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, the Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Motion Sofa, Dark Brown is also a great option. It’s made of great materials, is very supportive, has a reclining mechanism that will last for years, and has very comfortable armrests.

We hope that our reviews of top leather sofas have helped you find a couch that will last you for years and serve as a comfortable buddy when you need to relax. All of these pieces of furniture are well-made and are designed to provide a perfectly classy accent to the décor of your household. If you aren’t impressed with the options here, check out other leather sofas with great reviews on Amazon.

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