Leather Sectional Furniture Guide

When you want comfort, style and maximum seating in your home why not consider buying a leather sectional? These sofas are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics. You are sure to find the perfect leather couch to add to that favorite room.

Always pay attention to the interior construction of the furniture you are purchasing. That leather sectional must have a solidly built frame if you want it to last. The workmanship that is used to create quality leather upholstery must also be evident in the construction and design of the framework, cushions and stitching. Look for thick padding along the top, back, sides and arms of a couch. Make sure that the seat cushions and sofa back offer comfort and support.

If possible you should inspect the furniture. A close-up view will give you the opportunity to look for any problems with the construction or design. You can also sit on the sofa and get a better idea of the comfort level the furniture can offer. It is easy to be impressed by the appearance of a stunning new sofa but you should not choose a sectional based solely on how it looks. Sectionals are intended to be used as seating in your home. Your choice of a leather sectional must provide you with a high level of comfort.

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Today many consumers want furniture that has multiple uses. For instance a leather ottoman can be used for serving drinks or for extra seating when guests are visiting. Some leather ottoman styles have interiors that can be used for storage space. Futons function as seating or used as beds. A sectional leather sofa also has built-in versatility. These are modular pieces of furniture that you can group, separate or re-arrange to suit your needs.

With a leather sectional you can always be prepared to welcome guests, family and friends into your home. Seating should not be a problem as the sectional has more than enough room to accommodate a large number of individuals. You can always decide how best to arrange this modular furniture group. There are some sectionals that can be used as sleeper beds for those overnight visitors.

When you are ready to purchase a leather sectional you will need to decide whether a right or left arm configuration is your best choice. The arm of the sectional is on the right or left side of an individual who is facing the sofa. This means that the arms are configured on the opposite sides of your body once you are seated. It is important to make sure that the long arm of the sectional will fit in the room. You do not want to have a chaise lounge that blocks the main doorway or sits too close to an open fireplace. Do not get the left and right arm locations confused when you are considering purchasing a sectional from an online store.

leather sofaThe best leather sectional has a thoughtful design. These sectionals will often include a sleeper sofa, leather recliners or a chaise lounge as integral parts of the furniture design. Some models even include leather ottomans. You will need to carefully read the description to find out which furniture pieces are included in the grouping design.

When you are choosing new furniture for a room it is important to select the right fabric. A leather sectional will be very durable and should last for a number of years. This material is porous and can become soiled over time. Sweat, food, grease, oils and liquids can all create unsightly stains on leather upholstery. Choose a stain-resistant leather material that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

A sectional leather sofa is big and bold. You need to carefully consider what color you want to buy. That bright red leather sectional can lose its appeal after it has been dominating your living room for several months.

The color you select for a sectional should be a shade that blends in with the room and your other items of furniture. If you must purchase a brightly colored sectional sofa why not use neutral shades for the walls and floor. This will provide a complimentary setting that allows the colorful sofa to shine. Make sure that you choose a sofa or leather recliners with a pleasing color that you can live with for an extended period of time.

The best quality leather sectional will include solidly built connectors. This hardware should be designed to keep your sectional furniture securely fastened. Nothing is as annoying as trying to sit on a sectional and noticing that the seating areas are beginning to drift apart.

Sectionals are available in different styles. The possibilities include the L shaped configuration, sectionals with chaise lounges at the ends and a softly curved U shaped sectional. Not all of the designs will work in all homes.

leather couchChoose a leather sectional that includes wedges. This will let you change the basic shape and open up the seating area. With a wedge you can soften the angles of an L shaped sofa. A curved seating arrangement is more intimate and inviting. This design will work well for almost any social gathering.

Using ottomans or small tables is an ideal way to create conversational/eating/drinking areas for guests who are seated on a leather sectional. This lets you make maximum use of your available seating space.

If your decorating style leans toward a modern theme you can find a leather sectional with the clean lines you prefer. Look for a soothing shade of leather such as pearl, ivory, mocha or champagne. Select a sectional sofa with a low profile, an angled back and rolled arms.

For the family room you may want a six piece grouping with a decidedly casual feel. This grouping might include recliners, a sofa, an ottoman and a chaise. Deep cushions, thickly padded arms and button tufting are a few of the details to look for on classically designed sectionals. These upholstery touches offer a rich and warm welcome to your family and guests.

Your Turn

Now that you have seen the variety of styles, color, and reviewed our top picks for the best leather sectional furniture on the market, its up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and overall match the theme of your living room.

As you know, new leather sectional furnitures are being created all the time by new and old manufacturers.  For that reason, the comparison chart below will be updated as new leather furnitures need to be added to the list.

Leather Sectional Furniture Comparison Guide

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