Leather Ottoman Furniture Guide

Ottomans add style, form and function to any room of your home. An ottoman is usually paired with a sectional sofa or an over-sized chair. These are useful pieces of furniture and ottomans are now available in a wide range of designs and fabrics. One of the most popular selections is a classic leather ottoman.

Leather ottomans are proving to be extraordinarily versatile additions to many rooms. These furniture items can provide elegance and luxury for a formal living room. You can also find a leather ottoman that is well-suited for more casual settings. The quality, grain pattern and texture of the leather material should be taken into consideration when selecting one of these upholstered ottomans.

Use these suggestions to help you find the right ottoman for your home.


You should give some thought to the features that you want while browsing through the many different types of ottomans. Depending on the desired features you will be able to narrow the list of available choices. Focus on the important features that you want in an ottoman.

Do you want an ottoman that includes interior storage room? This is a good choice if your room is small. This additional storage space can be a valuable feature.

Consider what kind of upholstery material you prefer. If your room is dominated by a leather sofa, or leather recliners then a leather ottoman will be an ideal choice.

Colors and Fabric

There are lots of colors and fabrics for you to consider. Remember that the ottoman should be complimentary to the decor of your room. If you already have matching leather recliners and a leather sofa with a monochromatic color palette then you could simply match your new leather ottoman to this same color scheme.


You might also want to consider adding a bold pop of color to the room by selecting a red or yellow leather ottoman. White furniture is often paired with white accessories. Instead of following this path why not try something different? Pair your white leather couch with a vivid blue ottoman and create a striking color combination.


Dark colors can make a large room appear smaller. Selecting furniture in shades of white, cream or beige will work to make a room appear larger.

Cloth, wool, suede and microfiber materials are a few of the fabric choices that you might want to consider. Genuine cowhide is the he most durable of all upholstery materials. With a leather covered ottoman you will be able to add depth and richness to a room. If you match the color of the ottoman with the color of your leather couch the balance will be very striking.

If you are planning to use the leather ottoman on a regular basis you might want to consider purchasing an ottoman that has been upholstered in semi-aniline leather. This is cowhide that has been coated with a stain-resistant barrier.

This process allows the leather to retain much of that natural supple texture while the material’s porous quality has been greatly improved. Semi-aniline leather can resist stains caused by such problems as sweat, dirt, grease and spilled drinks.

Measurements are Important

If you are going to purchase a leather ottoman you will want to be certain that the item is on scale with the other furnishings in the room. The ottoman should complement large furniture such as a sectional, recliner or armchair. Get the measurements of the room and furnishings written down on a piece of paper. Then compare the measurements of these items to those of the ottoman you are considering buying. The ottoman should not overwhelm the dimensions of the room or the furniture that you already own.

Few furnishings offer the dramatic impact that a large leather ottoman can bring to a room. If your living room or bedroom is large enough to accommodate such a focal point then you might want to consider buying an over-sized ottoman.

The key point to remember is that the height of the ottoman should match the height of your couch, bed or chair. An ottoman can even be a little shorter than the height of your seating but it should not be any taller. This is a buying tip that is strictly related to user comfort.

Matching Ottoman Choices to Personal Style

Choose a leather ottoman that works with your personality and decor. If you revel in modern design aesthetics you will probably want to choose an ottoman that reflects your style preferences. Look for sleek lines, smooth upholstery coverings and a minimal amount of detailing.

Tufted leather ottomans are dramatic accent pieces that are suited for traditional decorating styles. If you favor classic antiques, period fashions or enjoy Victorian furniture then a tufted ottoman will be a good choice. Tufted ottomans do not often suit a minimalist environment but they can work well in eclectic settings.

Nailheads are a classic look for leather furnishings. An ottoman that includes such detailing is giving a nod to the history of leather upholstery. Look for this type of design aesthetic to compliment rooms with traditional decor.

Sharing Shapes

Those L shaped sectional sofas can be paired with ottomans that share this squared-off design. When you pair a square ottoman with an L shaped sofa it will appear that you have a singular piece of furniture. The continuity of the furniture lines are going to be very harmonious.

The angular lines of a square shaped leather ottoman will be softened by the geometric curves of that U shaped sofa. The ottoman will be a nice contrast that enhances the look of your room.

If there is a leather sectional in your room with rounded corners you might want to choose a round ottoman. This shape will pair nicely with the design of your sofa.

A circular shaped ottoman will also work well if your sectional includes a wedge design. The rounded ottoman adds function and style to the room yet it allows easy maneuverability for family and guests.

Differences in Leather Quality

The cost and appearance of a leather ottoman will depend on the quality of the construction materials. Cowhide is judged on its condition, texture and grain. Leather designated as full grain is extremely strong and durable. Upholstery made with top grain leather has been processed and sanded. The grain pattern is actually stamped into the material. An ottoman that is made from top grain leather will be less expensive than an ottoman upholstered with full grain leather. Top grain leather upholstery also lacks the supple texture of full grain leather.


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