Leather Couch Furniture Guide

For many individuals a leather couch is the only furniture choice for their home. This is a piece of furniture that stands out for all the right reasons. Real leather is comfortable, durable and resilient enough to be used in homes with small children and pets. Now that you have decided on a leather sofa you need to understand what features to look for when you are ready to buy.

You should always select a higher quality leather couch even if the price is a little more than you were prepared to spend. While budget is an important consideration it is also true that you are going to “get what you pay for” and real furniture quality is not going to be a cheap proposition. Check out the available sofa styles and do your comparison shopping. Then you can find a good quality leather sofa at a price that makes sense for your family budget.

leather couchSoft leather is due to the use of a higher quality cowhide. The softness of the leather upholstery is also a determining factor in how much the leather furniture is going to cost. Synthetics, man-made leather and painted leather materials are very affordable options that provide consumers with furniture that looks much like real leather. There is a difference in the quality and strength of these materials that you should keep in mind as you browse through those furniture stores.

Leather furniture needs to have solid construction that begins with the basic framework. Even the best leather material is not going to last if the springs, padding or couch frame are constructed with shoddy workmanship. If you are selecting a leather couch it is important that you familiarize yourself with the level of craftsmanship that went into the construction process.

Carefully detailed stitching should be obvious on the exterior surface of the leather upholstery. You do not want to see imperfect, loose or frayed stitches. A quality piece of upholstered furniture will display the fact that care and attention was involved in even the smallest details. The leather stitching should be meticulous and neat with very tight seaming.

If there are any visible nail-heads that stud the arms of the sofa these should be securely fastened into the framework. A quality leather couch often has nail-heads present, but you should avoid purchasing any furniture if the nails are wobbly, crooked or missing in action. The nail-heads should always be evenly spaced.

leather sofaThe pads and cushions should be thick and comfortable. Remember that the cushioning will soften and expand over time. All of the interior padding should be evenly distributed and the framework and springs should not be felt when touching or sitting on the furniture.

A leather couch will be a good furniture investment. There is indisputable value in all leather furnishings whether you are purchasing leather recliners, a leather sectional or a leather ottoman. This material will last for many years and you will definitely get your share of use out of this furniture. Even those old and dated leather couches retain a good deal of value and can be resold in the future.

A quality leather sofa and a leather ottoman share some important qualities. The leather material should have a soft, supple texture. The leather should feel as smooth as butter when brushed with your fingertips. This softness of the texture will improve even more over time. When you buy one of these furniture items the leather material should have a slight warmth that you can detect with a single touch.

Real leather is able to breathe and this means that the material will feel cool during the warmer months and warm during the fall and winter seasons.

You want to take time to consider a variety of different leather sofa models. If you have a large room then a sectional may be the best choice to help fill some of the empty space. Sectional leather couches are stunning pieces of furniture but they do need the right setting or the size will overpower your room. Traditional styles of couches can add drama and interest to your home. A pair of leather sofa that bracket a large stone fireplace can be used to enhance and define your favorite family living space.

leather reclinersA full grain leather couch is often going to be he best choice. The leather has a natural appearance and there may even be small imperfections that are present. These are couches that can be utilized in any style of home decor.

Top grain and full grain leather are very similar in quality. Top grain is generally more affordable than items that are constructed from full grain leather.

If you want leather with a specific color then you will need to consider purchasing an aniline leather couch. The term “aniline” refers to the dyeing process. Natural leather is available in only a few basic colors but aniline leather allows you to choose a wide variety of colors for your leather furniture. Semi-aniline is another option to consider. This is leather that has been lightly processed. The processing will increase the ability of the leather to resist stains. Semi-aniline leather will still retain more of that soft, supple texture than pure aniline leather.

You can find a leather couch that is constructed with antiqued leather upholstery. The cowhides are processed with a light colored dye. Then the hides are dipped in a darker shade of dye. This creates the depth of color that results in distressed or “antiqued’ leather.

If you have a strict budget then you might want to choose furniture that has been upholstered with a pigmented/painted leather material. A pigmented leather couch will have a nice appearance and a cheaper price tag. Today a majority of furnishings are being made from pigmented leather materials. This type of leather lacks the softness and durable nature associated with real leather.

If you keep these suggestions and facts in mind it will be easier to make a decision about which furniture items you should buy. If you are serious about finding the best leather couch for your home and budget use the guidelines to help lead you in the right direction.

Your Turn

Now that you have seen the variety of styles, color, and reviewed our top picks for the best leather couch furniture on the market, its up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and overall match the theme of your living room.

As you know, new leather couch furnitures are being created all the time by new and old manufacturers.  For that reason, the comparison chart below will be updated as new leather furnitures need to be added to the list.

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