How to Remove Stains on a Leather Sofa

Lots of people want leather furniture in their home, but decide against it because they have heard awful testimonials from other leather owners concerning an expensive leather couch, leather sectional, or leather recliner being ruined by one simple stain that couldn’t be removed due to the sensitive nature of the upholstery. When leather is otherwise considered a fashionable, comfortable material, it seems a shame that people may be making up their minds against leather furnishings because of a misconception. Leather is a higher maintenance choice than some other options, but the fear that a stain might ruin such a large investment before all the returns have been reaped is a groundless one, because if addressed in a timely manner, there are very few stains that cannot be taken out of a leather sofa with the right tools and enough time.

A common issue with leather furniture is ink stains. A leaky pen in the outside pocket of a book bag could mean disaster for an unprepared leather owner. But ink stains can be removed from leather upholstery with cuticle remover, which can be found in the makeup section of most department stores. Remember not to use the oil based remover, the regular kind is best for leather. As always, get to the stain as soon as possible and remember to test the substance on a small, inconspicuous part of the furniture before on any visible portions. Put the cuticle remover on the stain and then wipe it off. If the stain persists, leave the substance on the stain for twenty-four hours then wipe it off. It is true that commercial stain removers are marketed specifically for leather, but like calling a professional, some methods are best left as a last resort, as they can be quite expensive.

Leather SofaAnother stain that affects many households is mold or mildew. If a leather recliner is left in a damp basement, or a leather chair on a sun porch for too long, an easy remedy involves knocking all the foreign matter off with a soft brush, and then rubbing the affected area gently with a cloth damp with one part vinegar and one part distilled water. Using distilled water ensures that no minerals or chemicals will be left in the leather after the water dissolves. One should always remember to wipe the leather dry after using a cleaning product on it. If the mold or mildew persists after the vinegar and water treatment, Simple Green is a commonly found product that is safe for most leather sofas and relatively inexpensive. Of course, it is best to keep leather decor inside, dry and at a moderate temperature, but just in case that is not an option, with this information mold and mildew should not prove to be a major issue.

One more stain that most households have to deal with at one time or another is nail polish. For this stain it is particularly imperative to get to it before it dries. Some easy to find items that help with this stain would be acetone nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol. Make sure to dab the substance on the stain as wiping or rubbing motions will spread the nail polish and make the stain worse. Use a clean cloth dampened with distilled water to rinse the area after all of the polish has been removed. After it dries, if there is any residual stain, a simple trick is to find a shoe polish that matches the color of the leather couch and use it to blend the stain. Make sure the shoe polish is not somewhere it can be transferred onto anyone’s clothes or skin, but if the stain is in an opportune place on the leather sofa, a smart consumer might be able to get away with this, saving the upholstery.

Leather furniture is an elegant, beautiful addition to any home, and whether or not it is right for an individual should not be based on the likelihood of it becoming irreparably stained. With only an arsenal of normal household products and a little foreknowledge, lots of stains can be addressed quickly and efficiently. It is imperative to remember to test any stain remedy in a hidden spot on the upholstery before actually using it, to allow for variances in leathers and pretreatments. This guide only addresses a few stains, but there are lots of tips, tricks and hints available online, so one can feel totally comfortable purchasing a leather sectional, leather recliner, leather chair, or leather sofa knowing they can handle any disaster that may come.