How to Preserve a Leather Sofa

Leather sofa is something of a “must have” for most people. They bring Class and style to any living area. Leather goes well with any look, whether it be in your “cozy” lounge, or a minimalistic, retro-style living room.
If you do not look after your leather furniture correctly, it can become worn and cracked. It is very much like human skin, if it does not get enough moisture and conditioning it will become dull and not retain its natural beauty.

In the following section, I have derived a list of the dos and donts while caring for your leather suite and other leather furniture, such as Leather Chairs, Leather Pouffes, Leather Recliners and Sectional leather corner sofas:

1. DO- Vacuum, or sweep down your sofa daily. This will avoid small scuffs and scratches appearing on your sofa.

2. DO- Use a cleaner specifically made for leather. Apply it onto a soft, dry cloth and apply it in a circular motion, making sure to cover the entire leather area. Then, simply turn your cloth over and wipe away the excess cleaner to prevent “water” marking.

3. DO- Use a conditioner with a neutral PH, at least twice a year, especially in the harder to reach areas and down the sides of the sofa where the leather is thinner and more prone to cracking. This will bring the beauty of the leather out and keep it looking tip top.

leather sofa

4. DO- Keep your Leather Sofa out of direct sunlight. Just like human skin, the leather does not like too much heat or sunshine. Too much sunshine will make your leather dry and fade. Keep your sofa in a cooler area, where the air can circulate more freely.

5. DO- Immediately clean up any spillages by using a dry cloth. Leather is very porous and will absorb the liquid. This will disintegrate the surface and speed up the cracking and breaking process.

6. DO- Change the cushions around, if your sofa has interchangeable ones. Thus avoiding those little “Hot Spots” from continued use of one particular area. If you do not have interchangeable cushions, then showing those areas an extra bit of TLC, or switching seats once in a while should help your leather sofa to avoid those “worn” areas.

7. DO NOT- Use harsh abrasive cleaners, bleach or saddle soap on the leather. These are just too harsh for it, and will eventually ruin leather.

8. DO- Keep sharp objects away from your leather. Sharp objects, such as knives and scissors can permanently damage leather, as can lit cigarettes. Burns and tears, although can be fixed by a leather expert, can ruin your sofa, and quite possibly be expensive to rectify.

9. DO- Follow Instructions: In order to take proper care of your leather couch, always follow the instructions that come with your sofa. At times, the manufacturer provides you with a user manual that contains guidelines for maintaining your leather sofa.

10. DO- Take special care for removing stains. You should follow different procedures to remove different kind of stains. For example, in order to get rid of an ink stain, use a cotton swab and dip it in Isopropyl alcohol. Then gently rub the cotton swab on the stain. Now dry the area with a dry cloth. For removing grease stains from a leather sofa, avoid using water and clean the stain using a dry cloth or sponge.

11. DO- Keep pets away from the leather sofa. Pets can really cause damage to a leather sofa. I know your little ones are part of the family, but make sure you train them to not jump on your furniture, or assign them their spot on a blanket to protect the sofa. You can also buy a repellant spray that is odorless for people, but gives off a scent that keeps the pets away.

12. DO- Apply a leather protector solution to your leather. You can buy this solution in a spray bottle, which sprays out as a light mist. Just apply the protector spray and this will give your sofa more protection against accidental spillages and premature cracking.

Your Leather Sofa, or Leather Couch as it is sometimes known, is your investment into your home. Look after it well and reap the rewards in years to come. Keeping your living space looking classy and elegant.